Alessio Ranaldi
Alessio Ranaldi, sculptor from Italy is a follower of classic style in sculpture. In the author’s words, he “tried with the modern sculpture language to put and express human feelings, emotion, into realistically deformed form of the bottle, taking inspiration from Greek and classic art”. Alessio Ranaldi’s sculpture is most refined. In its wholeness it causes admiration by suddenness in the manner of its creation. It is monumental, dynamic and expressive. The author perfectly and convincingly manages to express and present the impression of the deformed plastic bottle. In expressing the details of the deformed part of bottle composition, the distinctly cut triangle plans, characteristic to Cubism, form deep, sharp play of light-shade, which is brought to organic synthesis with the classic, soft plasticity of the round forms.One can rarely come across the sculpture, which has the same interesting and efficient points of apprehension at 360 degree, from all its sides. The Italian sculptor manages this perfectly and successfully. A comer from the country of Michelangelo made a symbolic abstraction, a wonderful sample of post-modern art.



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